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Student Mobility Awards Edisi Vokasi

Indonesia Vocational Higher Education (VHE) students mobility to overseas universities/institutions to experience “learning Collaboration with industry” with the funding from The Indonesia Endowment Funds for Education (LPDP) .

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Student Information and Requirement

What does it take to become an IISMAVO Awardee?

Host University

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Jan - Feb 2022
1. Call for Participation from Overseas Partners
March - April 2022
2. IISMAeVO Announcement & Overseas Partners Selection
May - July 2022
3. Overseas Partners Contract Agreement
Aug - Dec 2022
4. IISMAeVO Implementation
Dec 2022
5. IISMAeVO Report & Evaluation


IIVOSMA - Objective


Enable VHE students to enhance their analytical thinking, leadership capabilities, and networking skills, through international education


Provide VHE students with opportunities to learn in collaboration with industry, allowing them to gain work experience and industry/business insights


Implement the ‘Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka’ (MBKM) (emancipated learning) program, in which VHE students are given the freedom to undertake various subjects outside their fields of study

IIVOSMA - Features

Features of IISMAeVO

Learning in Collaboration with Industry

A student may choose one of the following schemes for one semester (4-6 months):


Industrial Experience Program
An industry-focused program (e.g. internships, work placements, industry projects, etc).


Class-based learning + Industrial experiences
A blend of the learning-in-class program and some industrial experiences (e.g. short-term internships, industrial case studies, company visits)


Class-based learning
A class-based teaching with industrial related contents (e.g partially taught by practitioners

IISMAeVO’s Funding

Registration & Tuition Fee at cost

Registration & Tuition Fee at cost

Economy Airfare & Visa at cost

Economy Airfare & Visa at cost

Settlement & Living Allowance, including Accommodation

Settlement & Living Allowance, including Accommodation

PCR, Quarantine & Health Insurance (Cover Covid-19)

PCR, Quarantine & Health Insurance (Cover Covid-19)

Emergency Fund at cost

Emergency Fund
at cost

Specific Criteria of
Overseas Partner

01. Organizing courses (learning in collaboration with industry) for the awardees

  • The program runs for 4-6 months (one semester) with the option:
  1. Industrial Experience Program
  2. Class-based learning + Industrial experiences
  3. Class-based learning

(Students can learn any subject of their interest. Practical activities should support the subjects they learn, preferably their field of study)

02. Providing Student Documents

Overseas partners should provide unconditional letters of acceptance, academic transcripts and/or certificates

03. Meeting the enrolment requirements

  • Overseas partners agree to accept the awardees selected by IISMAeVO
  • No other selection process conducted by overseas partners

04. Stating Agreement for partnerships

  • Overseas partners agree to sign a contract
  • The overseas partner’s logo is to be featured on the IISMAeVO website
  • Overseas partners arrange appropriate accommodation for IISMAeVO students